Accomplishment Highlights

Improving Research, Management, and Conservation for Large Carnivores

  • Produced and Co-edited Cougar Ecology and Conservation with renowned ecologist Maurice Hornocker. The book contains chapters written by 20 of the worlds’ cougar experts.  Coauthor of chapter on conservation with ecologist Howard Quigley. Received the 2010 The Wildlife Society’s Publications Award for Outstanding Edited Book.
  • Produced Cougar Management Guidelines the first publication directed at improving how cougars are managed in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Produced On Natures’ Terms, a dramatic and uplifting film illustrating how ordinary citizens are finding ways to co-exist in harmony with wolves, cougars, and bears while protecting their habitat. The film aired on local PBS stations around the U.S reaching 20 million people.  In 2003 won first place award in the Wildlife Film category from EarthVisions.
  • Founded and co-established the Wild Felid Research and Management Association, a not-for-profit organization for researchers, wildlife managers, educators, and others interested in the conservation and management of wild felids.
  • Produced Cougar Outreach and Education Plan for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, which included recommendations to increase public awareness and appreciation for this large carnivore and reduce encounters through community-based education.
  • Conducted focus groups for Insight Wildlife Management/Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Snow Leopard Trust, and Positive Futures’ Network.
  • Brought together 11 of the nation’s leading conservation biologists and carnivore advocated and developed nine innovative strategies to protect our nation’s native wildlife and their habitats.
  •  Conducted a one-day training workshop bringing cougar, wolf, and grizzly and black bear experts to increase community outreach efforts and identify best strategies.

Producing Effective Education and Outreach Products

Building Capacity for Organizations and Government Agencies

  • Provided Message Development Trainings to over 100 organizations and conservation, wildlife, and animal advocates by connecting diverse media specialists with local groups to help them more effectively reach the public on the importance of protecting wildlife and wild lands.
  • Provided Campaign Strategic Planning to national and international wildlife and habitat organizations.
  • Provided Message Development Trainings to over 70 groups in the Northern and Southern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest i.e large carnivore, and prairie dogs organizations– giving NGO’s access to some of the top-media and message specialists in the county.
  • Conducted a Stakeholders Analysis for the Snow Leopard Trust and Postive Futures Network/YES! Magazine accessing programs and identifying future needs and directions.
  • Published Greening the Grassroots, a manual describing how wildlife organizations can write winning grant proposals.
  • Developed an outreach tool entitled Wildlife Tracks for the Humane Society of the U.S.