Accomplishment Highlights

 Advancing Sound Science

  • Co-edited  Cougar Ecology and Conservation  with Maurice Hornocker. The book contains chapters written by 20 of the worlds’ cougar experts. The book was the 2010 recipient of The Wildlife Society’s Publications Award for Outstanding Edited Book.
  • Produced  Cougar Management Guidelines the first publication written by leading cougar researchers and directed at improving how the species is managed in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Co-founded the Wild Felid Research and Management Association, an organization for researchers, wildlife managers, educators, and others interested in the conservation and management of wild felids.

Creating Television and Social Media Tools

Producing Effective Messages and Outreach Materials

  • Produced the Cougar Outreach and Education Plan for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, which included recommendations to increase public awareness and appreciation for this large carnivore and reduce encounters through community based education.
  • Produced visually compelling educational materials for cougar, wolf, and bear awareness brochures and door hangers for the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project (now Western Wildlife Outreach) Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and other government and non-government entities.
  • Produced Living with Bears in Washington State – a beautifully designed booklet about the importance of bears and how to take safety precautions when recreating and living in bear country.
  • Conducted focus groups seeking attitudes and public opinions on cougars  for Washington State.
  • Provided Message Development Trainings to over 100 organizations and conservation, wildlife, and animal advocates by connecting diverse media specialists with local groups to help them more effectively reach the public on the importance of protecting wildlife and wild lands

Building Capacity of Wildlife, Animal, and Environmental Organizations

  • Provided timely assistance, guidance, support to state, national, and international mountain lion organizations.
  • Developed, promoted, and hosted webinars, trainings, and workshops to build personal and organizational resilience to Earth Island Institutes’ 70 projects and their directors from 2014 to present.
  • Provided over 180 hours of coaching to wildlife and environmental leaders and the missions they serve.