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2010 recipient of The Wildlife Society’s Publications Award for Outstanding Edited Book

Cougar is a mighty compendium by twenty-two cougar authorities who share considerable first-hand experience in the field. A very important contribution, this book will surely takes its place as the definitive work on this fascinating, beautiful, and ever elusive animal.”
—Peter Matthiessen

WildFutures director Sharon Negri and internationally renowned biologist Maurice Hornocker have joined forces to produce Cougar Ecology and Conservation, a seminal go-to resource for scientists, wildlife managers, biologists, conservationists, and anyone who has an interest in large carnivores. Negri and Hornocker invited twenty leading scientists, spanning the globe from Canada to Patagonia, to contribute to this rare anthology.Cougar Ecology and Conservation book is the first comprehensive review of cougar throughout the cats enormous range.

These distinguished contributors have a wide range of experience and present personal perspectives and research results as diverse as the ecosystems cougars inhabit. Specific topics include taxonomy, genetics, history, cougar behavior and social organization, predator-prey relationships, population dynamics, human dimensions, the role of government and citizens in conservation, and the future of research. The book is 304 pages long and also contains 16 pages of stunning color photographs as well as first-hand accounts of research in the field.

“No one is more qualified than Dr. Maurice Hornocker to produce the world’s most complete book on cougar ecology and management. Ranchers, wildlife managers, citizen advocates and animal lovers will all enjoy this magical tour through the mysterious world of the cougar.”—Jim Williams Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Wildlife Program Manager and current Vice President of the Wild Felid Research and Management Association

Cougar is an encyclopedic tribute to the resilience of the American lion and the scientists who devote their careers to understanding it. Written by a blue-ribbon lineup of cougar experts, this is the most exhaustive and accessible overview of the species ever produced—it goes from showing how cougars eke out an existence in the remote Southern Andes to revealing the challenges they face negotiating superhighways in urban California and Florida. Suffering intense persecution across much of Latin America yet recovering and recolonizing former range in the United States, the adaptable cougar is a model for shaping a human future that includes large cats. Cougar is both timely warning and guidebook for what it will take to realize that vision. It will be a long time before there is anything more complete on the bookshelves.”
— Luke Hunter, Executive Director, Panthera

The caliber and scope of this book make Cougar Ecology and Conservation a must read.

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