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Cougar Management Guidelines

First Edition

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“Anyone interested in a scientific understanding of cougars and their management should read this book.”
– Stephen Herrero, Professor emeritus, University of Calgary, Alberta

Thirteen authors, with over 200 years of combined experience with cougars, collaborate to bring the best available science on cougar management and conservation under one cover.

The continued loss of wildlife habitat, the diverse values and opinions of stakeholders, and increases in human- cougar interactions make the management of this species difficult. To maintain viable cougar populations and sustainable management strategies, the authors affirm that new tools, an adaptive management approach, and a greater investment in the science and sociology of cougar management must be made.

Although written for wildlife managers, this volume will be an extremely useful tool for field biologists, decision-makers, educators, private organizations, and other citizens interested in the management and conservation of this carnivore.

Cougar Management Guidelines is the most authoritative resource on cougar biology, exploring the validity of different cougar management approaches, and strategies for dealing with human-cougar interactions.

Cougar Management Guidelines include chapters that address:

  • History of cougar management and policies
  • Conserving large landscapes for habitat connectivity and population viability
  • Predator-prey relationships, including impacts of cougar predation on wild ungulates
  • Meta-population dynamics and source-sink structure
  • Depredation conflicts, strategies, and protocols
  • Strategies to manage cougar-human conflicts
  • Research priorities

Cougar Management Guideline’s authors:

Tom Beck, Fred Lindzey, John Beecham, Maurice Hornocker, Paul Beier, Kenneth Logan, Terry Hofstra, Howard Quigley, Becky Pierce, Ian Ross, Harley Shaw, Rollin Sparrowe, Steve Torres.


What Others are Saying about Cougar Management Guidelines :

“As cougars colonize human habitat, and humans populate cougar country, the need for ecologically sound cougar management is accelerating. Here, finally, is the answer–a thorough guide for such management, prepared by 13 top cougar scientists. Combined experience of 200 person years informs this detailed prescription for helping guarantee sound cougar conservation and management as these problems become increasingly complex.”
— Dave Mech Adjunct Professor, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Senior Scientist, Biological Resources Division, U.S. Geological Survey

Cougar Management Guidelines is a stellar, peer-reviewed, contribution by the top researchers in cougar ecology, population dynamics, management and conservation. The chapters are succinct, rigorous and meaty. Anyone interested in a scientific understanding of cougars and their management should read this book.”
— Stephen Herrero Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“This book will serve as a very useful reference to wildlife managers as well as those interested in the overall biology, ecology, and management of cougars. The authors are to be complimented for their efforts.”
— Len H. Carpenter SW Field Representative Wildlife Management Institute

“Scientifically informed management of big predators, including the cougar, is a critical part of maintaining connectedness between human society and the natural systems on which we depend. This document is a valuable starting point for rethinking our relations with America’s great cat.”
— David Quammen Author of The Song of the Dodo
and Monster of God

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