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Coyotes in Our Midst

Coexisting with an Adaptable and Resilient Carnivore

Coyotes in Our Midst

By Camilla H Fox and Christopher Papouchis

Coyotes in Our Midst: Coexisting with an Adaptable and Resilient Carnivore discusses the wide array of practical and proven humane and ecologically sound techniques available to ranchers and suburbanites for coexisting with coyotes — from livestock guard dogs, shepherds, and state of the art fencing, to propane exploders, noise makers, and “Coyote Rollers”. References and links are provided to enable individuals, communities, municipalities and others involved in coyote conflict abatement programs to obtain additional resources for reducing coyote conflicts.

To download a free PDF copy of this publication, or to order go to Project Coyote.