What We Do

WildFutures is a project of Earth Island Institute working to bridge the gap between science and conservation and finding collaborative ways to develop and implement effective conservation strategies. Executive Director and Founder, Sharon Negri has over 25 years of experience in wildlife conservation and non-profits, and works to provide essential tools, guidance, and information to help organizations reach their conservation goals and help them build responsible organizations.

Our Work

  • Identifies and helps client’s prioritize needs and opportunities
  • Develops, coordinates, and facilitates training and workshops
  • Facilitates consensus-based decision making
  • Develops resources and materials
  • Builds coalitions
  • Organizes and runs effective meetings
  • Conducts stakeholder, organizational and program assessments
  • Assists in campaign and program planning
  • Brings in specialists to meet an organization’s needs
  • Promotes a healthy and caring work atmosphere
  • Fills interim needs on projects as needed
  • Provides coaching to support individuals reach their personal and professional goals