What We Do

Founded in 1994, WildFutures works collaboratively with organizations, scientists, and wildlife agencies to identify the most cost-effective ways of advancing protections of large carnivores, with an emphasis on mountain lions. Through the power of education, media tools, and the best available science, we work to change negative perceptions of – and raise awareness about – the important role these animals play in our lives and on the landscape. By providing essential tools, trainings, and resources for not one, but many organizations, we have a ripple effect that goes far beyond one organization. Because of the complexity of issues facing our planet, WildFutures also provides capacity building programs to environmental, conservation, and wildlife organizations to help build strong leaders and thriving organizations.

WildFutures bridges the gap between science and conservation by identifying the most efficient, cost-effective ways of reaching conservation goals to protect our nation’s wildlife. We believe that by developing a greater understanding of and appreciation for mountain lions and other carnivores, we help to advance the protections of these animals and create safe co-existence between people and wildlife.

Executive Director and Founder, Sharon Negri has over 25 years of experience in wildlife conservation and non-profits, and works to provide essential tools, guidance, and information to help organizations reach their conservation goals and help them build responsible organizations.

Our Work

  • Identifies and helps client’s prioritize needs and opportunities
  • Develops, coordinates, and facilitates training and workshops
  • Facilitates consensus-based decision making
  • Develops resources and materials
  • Builds coalitions
  • Organizes and runs effective meetings
  • Conducts stakeholder, organizational and program assessments
  • Assists in campaign and program planning
  • Brings in specialists to meet an organization’s needs
  • Promotes a healthy and caring work atmosphere
  • Fills interim needs on projects as needed
  • Provides coaching to support individuals reach their personal and professional goals