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Welcome to WildFutures. We are in the process of merging our two websites. In the meantime, see our website  The Secret Life Of Mountain Lions to view our recent films and webinars.

2018 Wildlife Webinar Series

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Agency Use of Karelian Bear Dogs for Carnivore Conservation and Management Presented by Rich Beausoleil, Bear & Cougar Specialist, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

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Big Cats in the City:  Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation of Mountain Lions around Los Angeles
Presented by Seth P.D. Riley, PhD, Wildlife Ecologists, National Park Service
Wednesday, May 16th, 12:00 to 1:00 PM (PST)


Meet Our Neighbors: Living with Mountain Lions in the Bay Area
Presented by Quinton Martins, PhD, Wildlife Ecologist, ACR Mountain Lion Project, and Dr. T. Winston Vickers, Principal Investigator, U.C. Davis Mountain Lion Project
Thursday, September 20th, 12:00 to 1:00 PM (PST)

WildFutures’ 6 Minute Video, The Secret Life of Mountain Lions (Now in Spanish!)

Produced by WildFutures, and narrated by Chris Morgan (PBS, BBC, and National Geographic), The Secret Life of Mountain Lions brings extraordinary footage captured by motion-triggered cameras of a mountain lion family in the wild.

Through the journey of mother F61 and her kittens, viewers will observe the compassionate nature of mountain lions and see behaviors that surprised even biologists!

The video was recently accepted in National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase.  An interview of WildFutures’ Director and producer of the video, Sharon Negri can be found on National Geographic’s blog page.

Visit WildFutures video website, The Secret Life of Mountain Lions to learn more about the video, two of our upcoming FREE webinars, and what you can do to protect mountain lions.

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WildFutures works to provide cost effective practical hands-on training, effective meetings, and essential resources to help organizations, groups, agencies, and scientists develop innovative and collaborative strategies. Read More

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WildFutures is directed by Sharon Negri whose passion for wildlife and wild places has guided her work for the last 29 years. Read More

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WildFutures provides a wide range of services that enable governmental and non-govermental organizations to meet their goals to improve the research, management, and conservation of large carnivores and their habitats. We custom-design our work to meet the challenges of a particular group or network. If needed, we conduct surveys and assessments to ensure the highest needs are being met.WildFutures also works with organizations to promote healthy work environment that fosters good communication skills and self-care. Read More